Well I’ve Been Busy…

It feels like forever since my last post.  And it kind of has been.  I’ve been so busy. Between hanging out with friends, working (alot) and working out I feel like I have absolutely no time.

I’m really starting to enjoy my gym time – I’m having alot of fun making up cool new routines.  My current favorite is my No Boredom 20 Minute Elliptical Challenge. I seriously challenge myself as much as I can – to the point where people in the gym actually come up to me and tell me that I’m inspiring them to work out harder.  I’m the kind of person that turns positively beet red – so you can really see that I’m working out hard.

I definitely owe you a Resolutions progress update – so look for it soon

Question: What have you been up to?  How do you balancing blogging and real life?

2 thoughts on “Well I’ve Been Busy…

  1. It’s not easy sometimes, but I try to find a bit of time between certain commitments (like between school and work) to blog. Usually, I just do one humongous post at the end of the day.
    Glad you’ve been working hard at the gym :)

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